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Welcome to North Point Productions

"It's the cost effective way to create your next radio commercial or audio production!"

Hello, and thank you for visiting our site, set up and run by East Midlands based scriptwriter, voiceover and producer Graham Wright - who has over 27 years of expertise working as a presenter, writer, journalist, producer and voiceover at radio stations across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Rutland.  North Point Productions was launched as a media service in 2009 and became a limited company in April 2011.  During these tough financial times we offer an affordable way for smaller businesses to obtain a good quality product that they can use on the radio, on their web site, for a media presentation, a video soundtrack - or even a professionally voiced, customised greeting and caller options for their phone system.

When some media companies and production houses are charging around £300 to create a 30 second radio commercial (and that's even before your airtime is booked) isn't it good to know that our prices begin at just £45 for a 10 second advert, and a mere £55 for a 30 second commercial. Our Photomercials start at just £250! This is achieved by keeping the whole creative process in-house and doing the bulk of our communications and file delivery via the internet - so reducing overheads but without compromising on quality.  For a full guide to our rates please click here.

So if you think you can't afford to advertise or promote your business to your clients and customers then think again, and read on!

The contact email address has been withdrawn due to excessive spam. If you wish to get in touch please do so via @RadioGraham on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Thanks.

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